Meet December CCA Hero – Isa

Fun fact: Isa means rainbow in Chamorro, which is the indigenous language of Guam. It also perfectly describes this vibrant, colorful girl, whose beautiful spirit shines everywhere she goes.

The Gift of Song

This past year, Isa was suddenly stricken with juvenile dermatomyositis. Complications from this rare autoimmune disease left her barely able to move or speak. During her long stay in the hospital, Isa found that music was a welcome distraction. Although she was hesitant at first, she came to love singing with the MyMusicRx team and playing along on the keyboard.

For Isa’s parents, Ashley and Tim, hearing their daughter sing again was truly a gift. “We had gone for months without hearing her voice. So to hear her sing again and find joy in it was really special.”

Better Things Ahead

Today, Isa is home and continuing her long recovery. She enjoys playing the piano, doing Legos with her two little brothers, and studying science in hopes of becoming a chemist someday. “I like experimenting with goopy stuff!” she laughed.

When asked what advice she had for other kids facing medical challenges, nine-year-old Isa replied with her typical strength and wisdom: “Keep fighting, because there’s a big reward at the end. There may be even better things ahead.” 


At PDX Property Group we are active members of the community in which we live, work, and play.  Within our organization that means that means are agents, our operations team, our families, and our clients actively give back to the community.  Over the last decade we have supported countless local and national non-profit organizations.  These range from support for the homeless in our city, the hungry in our neighborhoods, and the children in our communities .  This support ranges from physical work, financial support, professional advice, membership on boards, and hosting many fundraisers in support of these organizations.  
This year PDX Property Group has partnered with the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA), and organization that is very close to our hearts…as it has been very close to our home.  
Under the leadership of current CCA board member and cancer survivor John Powers, every member of PDX Property Group has stepped into action and involvement with this organization of hope, help, and joy.  This year PDX Property Group has committed to making a financial contribution on behalf of EVERY one of the families we help either buy, sell, or invest at time of closing.  We have also partnered in being the lead sponsor of the CCA Gala, one of the largest fund raising nights in the city of Portland.  
Every time you or someone you know works with us, a donation is made to CCA as a thank you on your behalf.  
To help us reach our donation goal feel free to donate here…
To meet a few of the kids that we have been able to help, meet our Kids of the month…